My name is Roman Adamita, and I’m an SEO consultant.

Currently, I work at BoostRoas as a Director of SEO and do my best to bring success, lead and encourage a team.

The Goal of Picardes

“” was the first domain I bought in 2013. Since there were random posts, I decided to remove them and start again. The new era of Picardes began on 22 January 2022. My goal on this blog will be to actively help people and companies to understand better execute their SEO work.

Career Path

I started my SEO career in May 2013 when I was 17, and there weren’t too many resources to learn how to do SEO. When I started working on SEO, I needed some budget to have my freedom. Then when I began to go to conferences, listen and communicate with other people, I realized that I liked it. I’m self-taught. I did learn SEO by myself while listening to other industry experts.

In 2019, when I collected a good background, I applied to the industry’s Oscar awards to see how I did and how people would consider my career path. It ended by winning the Young Search Professional of the year award at the MENA Search Awards.

MENA Search Awards Young Search Professional 2019 Winner

I hold my first award in Dubai at the MENA Search Awards.

Together with that, I was one of the finalists at the European Search Awards but sadly didn’t win.

Then in 2020, I was one of the judges at the Global Digital Excellence Awards. I guess I was the youngest one on that list.

I’m a person who enjoys challenging things. Since I’m not an English native speaker (my native language is Romanian, but I also speak Russian and Turkish), I wanted to do SEO live streams with my team. In 2021, we started doing them on YouTube. At the end of the year, we did 35 live streams. You can find all of the previous #WeeklySEO streams on this playlist.


Case Studies:




  • #SEOFOMO (8 March 2021 and 16 January 2022) by Aleyda Solis
  • Search News You Can UseĀ (Episode 174 and 217) by Marie Haynes
  • The SEO Weekly (Episode 18) by iPullRank’s Garrett Sussman
  • The Weekly SEO (Issue 158) by Andrew Charlton
  • Rich Snippets (13 January 2022) by Traffic Think Tank
  • SEO Newsletter (Issue 338) by Blue Array
  • SEO for Lunch (Issue 263) by Nick LeRoy
  • And many more.

Beside Work

I do riding a mountain bike (MTB) since 2019. This passion started when I was a child. Now, as I grow, I enjoy some extreme rides.

Reach Me

You can find me via Twitter @AdamitaRoman, LinkedIn, or for emailing.